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Motorcycling, for the initiated and the passionate, is as much cerebral as physical. A thinking rider is also the quintessential survivor in the two-wheeled world. 'xBhp Talks' is a pioneering effort towards building a world full of such 'thinking' riders. It is a place of learning, sharing, `experiencing, appreciating and exploring motorcycling off the saddle. The closest you'll be to riding while your bike remains parked. Come forward and share your 'self as a motorcyclist' with others who are so alike you in choosing two wheels over four or more.
  Suresh Babu
(Suzuki India)

Relating his experience of this years Raid de Himalayas
  Dr. Arun Thareja
(Founder of GODS)

The role of motorcycling in his life
  Sandeep Goswami
aka Old Fox

On the role of vision/eye-sight in your life as a motorcyclist

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